Does Walmart Make Keys? – All You Need To Know

Regarding key duplication services, convenience and accessibility are essential factors. Walmart is known for its wide range of products and services and is a popular destination for various needs. But does Walmart make keys?? This article will explain key duplication services available at Walmart, the types of keys they can make, and alternative options for key duplication.


Does Walmart Make Keys?

Does Walmart Make Keys?

Yes, Walmart makes keys at select locations. They can duplicate standard keys, such as a house, office, and common car keys.

If you want to make a duplicate key, one convenient option is utilizing the Minute Key service. Minute Key operates as a self-service kiosk, much like a vending machine.


However, it’s important to note that not all Walmart stores offer key duplication, and they may be unable to duplicate complex or specialized keys.

While Walmart can duplicate standard keys, it’s worth mentioning that they may not be able to duplicate complex or specialized keys.

These types of keys often require specific equipment or expertise that may be available at something other than Walmart.


Suppose you have unique keys, such as those with transponders or electronic components. In that case, it’s recommended to consult a locksmith or specialized key-making service for accurate duplication.

The process of key duplication at Walmart is usually straightforward. You’ll need to present the original key that you want to duplicate.

The Walmart associate will then use a key-cutting machine to create a replica of the key.

The duration and cost of key duplication depend on the specific store and the type of key being duplicated.

In addition to key duplication, some Walmart stores may offer key-cutting services.

This means that if you have a key that needs to be resized or reshaped, they can assist you in getting it properly cut to fit your lock.

How Do I Copy A Key At Walmart?

How Do I Copy A Key At Walmart

Copying a key at Walmart is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Find a Minute Key Kiosk

You’ll need access to a Minute Key kiosk to duplicate a key.

While most Walmarts have a kiosk, it’s important to note that only some locations are equipped with one.

To determine if your specific Walmart has a Minute Key kiosk, visit their website and run a search or check during your regular shopping trips.

If your local Walmart still needs a Minute Key kiosk, consider checking other major grocery stores or hardware stores, as they sometimes offer this service.

Ensure you bring the key you want to duplicate and some money when locating a Minute Key kiosk.

2. Insert the Key

You’ll find a designated section to insert your key at the kiosk. Place the key you wish to duplicate into the slot provided.

The machine will display prompts to guide you through the process.

3. Choose a Style

One of the advantages of using Minute Key is the availability of different key styles.

While a standard metal key is always an option, Minute Key allows you to add a touch of style and personality.

After inserting your key, you’ll have the opportunity to select a style from the prompts.

4. Select the Number of Copies

The Minute Key kiosk lets you choose the desired number of key copies. If you need multiple copies, instruct the machine accordingly.

This saves time, as you don’t need to insert and remove your master key repeatedly.

Once you confirm the number of copies, the machine will begin duplicating.

5. Wait

Now, allow a few minutes for the machine to cut your key using laser technology.

The kiosk’s advanced technology can identify the type and brand of key, ensuring an accurate replica.

After completion, the machine will return both your original key and the duplicate.

6. Verify the Key

While Minute Key is highly precise, comparing the two keys to ensure they are identical is always a good idea.

If the duplicate key looks correct, take it home and test it. A successful extra key means it works flawlessly.

If the duplicate doesn’t function properly, don’t worry. Minute Key offers a refund within 30 days.

You have ample time to determine if the copied key meets your expectations. You can receive a 100% refund during this period if it doesn’t.

What Kind Of Keys Does Walmart Copy?

How much does Walmart charge to make keys?

Walmart typically offers key duplication services for various common keys, including house keys, car keys (without embedded chips), padlock keys, and other standard keys.

However, it’s important to note that the key types available for duplication may vary depending on the individual Walmart location and their services.

In addition to the common key types mentioned earlier, Walmart may also offer key duplication services for various other types of keys.

This can include keys for mailboxes, cabinets, office spaces, storage units, and more.

However, it’s important to note that the availability of key duplication services for these specialized keys can vary depending on the specific Walmart location and equipment capabilities.

How much does Walmart charge to make keys?

How much does Walmart charge to make keys?

The price for duplicating a standard key at Walmart is around $2 to $6 per key.

However, prices for key types, such as those with additional features like electronic chips or transponders, can be higher.

Remember that prices may vary depending on any promotions or discounts Walmart offers during your visit.

Additionally, you need multiple copies of the same key. In that case, bundle pricing options available can offer some cost savings.

Can Walmart Make Car Keys?

Yes, Walmart can make car keys in certain circumstances.

Many Walmart stores have key duplication services to make copies of standard car keys.

These are typically basic keys without any electronic components or transponders.

Walmart may be able to make copies of car keys with transponder chips. Still, it depends on the specific store and its key-making capabilities.

In some cases, if you’re locked out of your car and have proof of ownership, Walmart can assist with unlocking your vehicle.

However, this service may also vary by location, and it’s recommended to contact your local Walmart to inquire about their lockout services.

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key At Walmart?

The time it takes to copy a key at Walmart can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the key and the current workload at the key duplication kiosk.

Generally, the key copying process takes a few minutes for a standard key without electronic components or transponders.

However, there might be a short waiting time during peak hours or if there are other customers ahead of you.

The process may take longer for keys with additional features like transponder chips or smart keys, requiring specialized equipment and programming.

Consulting with the Walmart staff or the key duplication service provider at the specific location is recommended for a more accurate time estimate.

To minimize any possible waiting time, consider visiting the key duplication kiosk during non-peak hours or contacting your local Walmart in advance to inquire about their key copying service and expected wait times.

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Can Walmart Copy A Broken Key?

Yes, Walmart may be able to copy a broken key, depending on the extent of the damage.

Suppose the broken key remains intact enough to be placed in the key duplication machine.

However, if the key is severely damaged or in multiple pieces, it may not be possible to make a copy.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Keys You Can Duplicate At Walmart?

Yes, there is typically a limit to the number of keys you can duplicate with the Minute Key kiosk.

The exact limit depends on the specific policies of the Walmart store and the key duplication service they offer. In general,

Walmart’s key duplication service allows customers to make multiple key copies. Still, there may be a maximum number of copies allowed per transaction.

Does Walmart Make Keys Near Me?

To find out if a Walmart near you offers key duplication services, visit the Walmart website and use their store locator feature. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Walmart website (
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Store Finder” link under the “Find a Store” section.
  3. On the Store Finder page, enter your location information in the search bar, such as your city, state, or ZIP code.
  4. Click the magnifying glass or press Enter to search.
  5. The website will display a list of Walmart stores in your area. Look for the stores that have a key symbol next to their name. These are the stores that offer key duplication services.
  6. Select a store from the list to view more details, including its address, phone number, and store hours.

Does Walmart Make Keys For Houses?

Does Walmart Make Keys For Houses

Yes, Walmart makes keys for houses.

The key duplication process is similar to other types of keys. Walmart’s key duplication services usually cover many key types, including standard house keys.

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