Does Walmart Sell Sushi? – All You Need To Know

Regarding grocery shopping, Walmart is known for its wide selection of products, including meats, fresh produce, and various prepared foods. One popular question among sushi lovers is: does Walmart sell sushi? This article discusses this in detail, focusing on various sushi options at your local Walmart store.


Does Walmart Sell Sushi?

Does Walmart Sell Sushi

Yes, Walmart does sell sushi. Many Walmart stores now have a dedicated sushi section within their deli or fresh food department. 

Walmart aims to provide fresh and affordable sushi options, including popular rolls and sometimes even made-to-order sushi. 


Walmart stores offer a wide range of sushi options, including both fresh and frozen varieties.

While Moji is the most common brand sold at Walmart, other brands may also be available depending on the location.

In addition, some Walmart stores plan to introduce sushi restaurants, similar to concession stands and Subway restaurants already found in many Walmart stores nationwide.


This will allow customers to dine in and enjoy sushi at Walmart, purchase it for takeaway, and enjoy it at home.

The sushi available at Walmart comes in different flavors and varieties, with a common base of ingredients complemented by additional flavors and ingredients to enhance variety.

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Does Walmart Make Their Sushi?

Yes, Walmart does make its sushi. While they carry various sushi brands, they also have in-house sushi preparation.

Walmart has sushi chefs who prepare fresh sushi on-site, ensuring quality and freshness for customers.

This allows them to offer a range of in-house sushi options tailored to meet the preferences and tastes of their customers.

So, when you purchase sushi from Walmart, you can be confident that it includes their own freshly made sushi offerings.

How Much Does Walmart’s Sushi Cost?

The cost for Walmart’s sushi starts from around $5 for a basic pack of sushi rolls. It can go up to $15 or more for larger or more premium sushi selections.

The cost of Walmart’s sushi depends on the specific type and size of the sushi rolls or packages. 

The price may also vary based on regional location and availability of different sushi options.

It’sIt’s best to check with your local Walmart store or their online website for specific pricing details and current promotions on their sushi offerings.

Where Can I Find Sushi At Walmart?

You can find sushi at Walmart in the refrigerated section of the store.

Most Walmart locations have a dedicated area within the deli or prepared foods section where sushi is available.

Look for the sushi display or counter near other ready-to-eat meals and snacks.

It may be labeled as “Sushi” or “Asian Cuisine.” It will feature a variety of sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi options.

If you need clarification, you can ask a store associate for assistance locating the sushi section at your specific Walmart store.

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Is It Safe To Buy Sushi From Walmart?

It is generally considered safe when purchasing sushi from Walmart as they adhere to food safety guidelines. However, to ensure the quality and freshness of the sushi, consider the following points:

  1. Expiration Date: Please always check the expiration date on the sushi packaging to ensure it is within the recommended timeframe.
  2. Packaging: Inspect the packaging for any signs of damage or tampering. Avoid sushi with torn or open packaging.
  3. Storage Conditions: Consider the storage conditions of the sushi. It should be properly refrigerated and displayed at the appropriate temperature.
  4. Quality Indicators: Look for quality indicators such as vibrant colors, fresh ingredients, and well-prepared sushi rolls. Avoid sushi that appears discolored or has a strong odor.
  5. Preferences and Dietary Restrictions: Consider your preferences and any dietary restrictions you may have. Walmart offers a variety of sushi options to cater to different tastes and dietary needs.

Remember to practice good food handling by refrigerating the sushi promptly after purchase and consuming it within the recommended timeframe.

Following these instructions will help ensure a safe and enjoyable sushi experience from Walmart.

What Is Included With Walmart’s Sushi?

Walmart’s sushi typically includes a variety of components. The exact contents may spawn on the specific sushi package or roll you choose but commonly included items are:

  1. Sushi Rice: The base of the sushi roll is made with short-grain Japanese rice seasoned with vinegar.
  2. Nori (Seaweed): Thin dried seaweed sheets wrap the sushi roll.
  3. Fillings: This can vary widely and may include ingredients such as seafood (e.g., imitation crab, shrimp, salmon), vegetables (e.g., cucumber, avocado, carrots), and sauces (e.g., spicy mayo, eel sauce).
  4. Wasabi: A spicy, green paste made from Japanese horseradish, often served as a condiment with sushi.
  5. Pickled Ginger: Thinly sliced, pink-colored ginger served as a palate cleanser between sushi bites.
  6. Soy Sauce: A salty, dark-colored sauce used as a dipping sauce for sushi.

Does Walmart Sell Sushi Ingredients?

Does Walmart Sell Sushi Ingredients?

If you still have the question in mind, does Walmart sell sushi? The answer is Yes, Walmart sells ingredients to make your sushi at home.

They typically have a dedicated section in their grocery department where you can find sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheets), soy sauce, rice vinegar, wasabi, pickled ginger, and various fillings such as imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado.

You may also find sushi-making kits, including bamboo rolling mats and rice seasoning.

Walmart provides a convenient option for purchasing sushi ingredients, allowing you to explore the art of sushi-making in the comfort of your kitchen.


In conclusion, Walmart sells a variety of sushi options, including its in-house preparation.

Sushi can be found in the refrigerated section of the store. Check expiration dates, packaging, storage conditions, and quality indicators when purchasing.

Walmart also offers sushi ingredients and kits for making sushi at home. Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-eat sushi or create culinary delights with Walmart’s selection.

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