How Long Does Shein Express Shipping Take?

How Long Does Shein Express Shipping Take? (EXPLAINED)

If you’re a regular Shein customer, you might wonder how long it takes them to deliver your product. Shein provides various shipping options based on your location and the products you ordered. In this article, we’ll explain how long does Shein Express Shipping takes and the factors that affect Shein Express Shipping delivery times.

What is Shein Express Shipping?

Shein Express Shipping is a premium delivery service provided by Shein to customers who want their orders to arrive as soon as possible. The service is available for a fee that varies depending on the destination and package weight. Customers who use Shein Express Shipping can expect their orders to be delivered in less time than standard shipping.

How Long Does Shein Express Shipping Take?

Shein Express Shipping takes less time, depending on your location and the shipping carrier used for your order. Shein Express Shipping typically takes 3-7 business days to arrive after the order has been shipped. On the other hand, Shein provides estimated delivery times during the checkout process on their website.

However, some regions, such as remote areas or countries with strict customs regulations, may take longer. Customers can enter their zip or postal code on the Shein website to get a more accurate estimate of delivery time, which will provide an estimated delivery date based on their location. Customers can also track their orders on the Shein website or app to receive real-time updates on the delivery status.

How Fast is Shein Shipping?

Shein provides different shipping options, including Standard Shipping, Express Shipping, and Priority Shipping. The shipping method chosen will determine the delivery time. Express Shipping is the quickest shipping option, while Standard Shipping is the slowest. The shipping methods listed below determine the speed of Shein Express Shipping.:

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is the most common Shein’s shipping method. It is available for all countries that Shein ships to and is free for orders over a certain amount (which varies by country).

The standard shipping delivery time varies depending on the shipping destination. For example, orders to the United States and Canada take 6-8 business days to arrive, while orders to Australia take 5-8 business days. Most European countries require 7-12 business days for standard shipping.

Express Shipping

For customers who want their orders delivered faster, Shein offers express shipping. This method is faster than standard shipping and usually takes 2-4 business days to deliver, depending on the destination. However, express shipping is not free, and the cost varies by country. For example, express shipping to the United States costs $12.90; to the United Kingdom, it costs £12.90.

Express shipping is offered to customers who want their orders quickly delivered. This method is faster than standard shipping and usually takes 2-4 business days, depending on the destination. Express shipping, on the other hand, is not free and varies by country. Express shipping to the United States, for example, costs $12.90, while it costs £12.90 to the United Kingdom.

VIP Shipping

Shein provides a premium shipping service called VIP shipping. It is only available in a few countries and is the fastest shipping option. Regardless of the shipping destination, the estimated delivery time for VIP shipping is 2-4 business days. On the other hand, VIP shipping is not free and costs $24.90 in the United States and £16.90 in the United Kingdom.

Factors That Can Affect Shein Express Shipping Time

While Shein strives to deliver all orders within the estimated time frame, several factors can influence delivery time. Here are some of the most common factors that can affect Shein Express shipping time:

Shipping Destination

Delivery times may vary depending on your location. Orders shipped to major cities and urban areas typically arrive faster than orders shipped to rural areas.

Shipping Carrier

Shein works with several shipping companies to deliver orders to customers. The carrier used for your order may have an impact on delivery times. Some carriers may be more efficient or faster than others.

Order Processing Time

The time it takes Shein to process your order can also impact delivery times. Orders processed quickly are more likely to be shipped sooner, which can help with delivery times.

Customs Clearance

This can affect how long does Shein Express Shipping take. Customs clearance can add time to the delivery process for international orders. Delays may occur if customs issues arise or if additional documentation is required.

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions can also have an impact on delivery times. Severe weather can cause shipping carriers’ operations to be disrupted, resulting in longer delivery times.

How To Get Express Shipping On Shein For Free

Here are some general tips to consider if you want to get free express shipping on Shein:

1. Sign Up for Shein Membership: By becoming a Shein member, you can access exclusive discounts and free express shipping on orders over a certain amount. By visiting their website and creating an account, you can sign up for a Shein membership. After you’ve created your account, you can take advantage of various benefits, including free express shipping.

2. Take Advantage of Shein’s Free Shipping Offers: Shein frequently runs promotions that offer free express shipping on orders of a certain value. Look for these deals and take advantage of them when they come up. To stay current on the latest promotions, visit the Shein website or subscribe to their email newsletter.

3. Use Shein Coupons and Promo Codes: Shein offers coupons and promo codes regularly that can help you save money on your order, including free express shipping. These codes are available on their website, social media platforms like Facebook, and email newsletters. Enter the code at the checkout to have the discount applied to your order.

4. Place a large order: Some retailers, such as Shein, offer free express shipping on orders of a certain amount. Placing large orders could be a good option if you need your items quickly and can afford a larger purchase.

Please remember that these are only general guidelines, and availability may vary depending on Shein’s current policies and promotions.

How Long Does Shein Take To Ship To US?

If you live in the US (United States), Shein typically ships products faster, depending on the shipping method chosen. Standard shipping to the United States takes 6-8 business days (United States).

How long does Shein take to ship to California?

Shein Express Shipping will ship your order to California in 12-15 business days via standard shipping, and express shipping will take 9-14 business days.

How Long Does Shein Take to Ship to New York?

Shein Express Shipping usually delivers orders to the US within 6-8 business days via any delivery method, and to New York, it’ll be within those days too.


You must have been wondering about how long does Shein express delivery take, and I hope our article made some points. Shein Express Shipping is a fast and reliable shipping option for customers who want to receive their orders as soon as possible.

While delivery times vary depending on various factors, Shein Express Shipping typically takes 3-7 business days to arrive. You can ensure a faster and more efficient delivery experience with Shein by considering these factors and following the tips outlined above. You can always contact Shein via their website as well for more information.

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